1A0KM 2014

1A0KM From 2nd to 7th January 2014


An international team led by Francesco IK0FVC will activate SMOM 1A0KM from January 2nd to January 7th 2014.
At present time operators will be IK0FVC, I0JBL, IK0FTA, IK0PRG, IW0BYL, I0ZY, I0GOJ, I0HCJ, IK0DWN, IK0XFD, IK5HHA, IZ0IEN, IZ0NRG, DK7PE, DJ9ZB, OH1VR, S53R and VE7NY.
Qsl via Sergio IK0FTA and also LoTw. 1A0KM operation support the DX-Code of conduct.
Online log facility will be also available.

Best regards

Luciano, I0JBL

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  1. 25th dicembre 2013 | Donny Sirait says:
    Will be looking for you on all bands CW... but the EU wall is always to hard to penetrate from YB land... please turn you beam toward OC/YB need SMOM for all time new one :)

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